Our Story

Based in Pascagoula, Mississippi, we are the latest iteration of a company with a longstanding history of innovation and adaptability, having consistently evolved to meet the needs of the day.  Oleo-X is our response to the ecological crisis that our planet faces.

Our stance is that there simply is no sustainable way to continue doing business as usual. As a responsible company, and as proactive citizens of the world, we must be willing to pivot and make the necessary changes to our means of manufacture, industry, and transport to ensure the future of humankind.

Our mission is to repurpose and reuse existing infrastructure and raw materials and combine them with new methods and technologies to create more effective solutions in energy for a sustainable future. Our goal is to be the leader in sustainable energy, adding more facilities globally as we grow. We are committed to changing the way fuel is manufactured.

our Future

Our Mississippi facility produces renewable feedstock and renewable fuels – essentially reusing an existing facility into a sustainable business that benefits the entire planet.

In our strategy to accomplish this grand enterprise, we began with chemical studies and an intense re-engineering plan. We then created an innovative proprietary process to convert renewable energy feedstock from seed oils and inedible agricultural products into sustainable fuel.

Going forward, we plan to be part of a greener future, with a bold mission to build more systems and technology for creating sustainable energy on a foundation of the guiding principle of constant innovation.

Being Fueled By Something Means It’s Powering You. This Idea Is One With Double Meaning Too, As We’re Quite Literally Providing Alternative Ways To Fuel, While Also Being Fueled By A Sustainable Approach.

Core Values


We believe that good business and sustainability are not mutually exclusive; our proprietary systems have shown that it is possible to create safe and environmentally responsible energy without sacrificing the bottom line. We are committed to the welfare of our employees, community, and planet in our pursuit of clean energy.


Sustainability is about more than just the products we make; it’s about how we work as a company. Integrity is at the center of everything we do. We are committed to the welfare of our employees as we pursue new opportunities because we see them as more than staff – they are, indeed, family.


Where others see trash, we see treasure: we believe in reinvention, and finding new purpose for old materials so they can be used for something better in the future. We think larger than just recycling and reusing packaging. We reuse and repurpose large industrial facilities to accelerate the change and not add more waste.


We come from a long history of innovative thinking, always ready to respond to current needs within the market and the community. We are committed to constant improvement through research and cutting- edge technology, to stay ahead of the curve and find more sustainable ways of doing business. As we grow and pursue new opportunities it is always with the wellbeing and best interests of the Oleo-X family of employees who form the backbone of the company.

Join Us


If you share our values and want to join a team that has a vision of a greener world where energy is cheaper, better, and has a much smaller carbon footprint, we encourage you to apply to our open positions. Sustainably sourced fuel will have long term benefits, including reduced carbon emissions, economic growth and positive outcomes for local communities and the environment.